2013-2014 Fantasy Basketball Draft Spreadsheet

By: Bryan Povlinski on October 11, 2013

The 2013-2014 NBA season is almost here so it’s time to start preparing for your fantasy basketball draft. This collection of tools should give you an edge in your league. Here’s an overview of what you’ll get in the fantasy basketball draft spreadsheet:

1. Players ranked according to the expected value based on a combination of ESPN’s 2013-14 projections and Basketball Reference’s Simple Projection System. This data is filterable by position so you can see players ranked relative to others at their position.

2. Comparisons between auction prices and prices based on projected value. ESPN’s default auction values don’t always line up with the value each player is projected to provide. New prices have been calculated for each player that should give you a good baseline to think about when bidding on that player.

3. A team analysis tab that allows you to plug in players at various positions and see how much money you’d have left if you grab all of the players you’d like to get. It also allows you to see how well that team would perform in aggregate over the course of the season.

To use the spreadsheet make sure you first click File > Make a Copy so you can plug in your own values or make changes based on different settings specific to your league.

Grab the full sheet here: Spreadsheet Sports Fantasy Basketball Spreadsheet