2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Game Results Data

By: Bryan Povlinski on March 14, 2013

Update: 2014 data is now posted in a sightly different format and you can find additional data for the 2014 tourney here

Update: I’ve updated the stats to include each team’s full season (including conference tournament games). Download full season game results here.

With the NCAA tournament about ready to start I thought there might be some interest in analyzing NCAA game results. NCAA basketball data is a lot more difficult to find than NBA or NFL stats – especially full data sets that allow you to grab everything in one place (rather than going to each team’s page and downloading their game results).

MasseyRatings.com turned out to be the best source I could find on providing raw game results data. Unfortunately, the are some quirks to the data that make it difficult to get it into nice, clean rows and columns for further analysis. If you’re interested in the Excel formulas I used to get it into this format let me know in the comments. There are a few things that are helpful to understand about the dataset:

The Excel sheet contains 4 tabs:

Game Results

Full list of every game played in the 2013 season with 2 records (flipped team/opponent).

Totals by Team

All game stats aggregated to each team

Overall Rank

I’ve ranked teams based on a combination of Scoring Margin, Strength of Schedule, and Winning Percentage. My method is not perfect (it ranks Gonzaga all the way down at 19) but it should give a fairly good indication of team strength heading into March Madness.

Pivot Analysis

If you’re familiar with Pivot Tables in Excel then you should be able to slice and dice the information any way you’d like. Use the Pivot Tables field list on the right to filter by teams you’re interested in analyzing and use your own parameters and sorting mechanisms.

Download 2013 NCAA Regular Season Game Results (regular season only – excludes conference tournament games)