NCAA Men’s Basketball Game Results Data

By: Bryan Povlinski on January 30, 2015

The full list of NCAA Division 1 game by game results for the current season are now available for download. The file will be updated weekly until the end of the season. The file is stored as an Excel .xlsx file so it’s compatible with Excel 2007 or later. For every game played involving a Division 1 team you will see 2 records in the data set. One with a team listed as “Team” and their opponent listed as “Opponent” and another row for the same game where the “Opponent” is now the “Team” and the “Team” is now the “Opponent.” That enables you to easily run an analysis and count all wins by North Carolina or sum the total points scored by Indiana. The fields you will get are:



Team Location – Home or Away

Team Score

Opponent – The name of the team that the “Team” is facing in the particular game

Opponent Score

Opponent Location – Home or Away

Neutral Site – returns a value of “Neutral Site” for games played on a neutral site. Note, the Team Location and Opponent Location will both report as Away.

Team Result – Win or Loss

Team Differential – The current per game scoring differential at the time of last update.

Opponent Differential – The current per game scoring differential for the opponent at the time of the last update.

Download the full NCAA game results log here