2015 NCAA Tournament Data

By: Bryan Povlinski on March 16, 2015

2016 Data

The 2015 NCAA tournament starts this week, and it’s time to get your bracket picks submitted. To help you make the smartest choices possible I’ve put together a robust set of resources that allow you to analyze this season’s data in Excel format. The tools I’ve included are:


This is simply the standard PDF bracket that you can find on any of the major media sites in Excel format. You can track winners as the tournament unfolds.

2015 NCAA Game Results Data

The full definition of the dataset is provided on the page above. You’ll get the final score and other attributes of every game involving a Division 1 team that has been played this year. The base data is supplied by Massey Ratings

NCAA Power Rankings

Using my own custom ranking system I’ve provided rankings on all 351 Division 1 teams.

2015 NCAA Tournament Teams

Get all of the relevant stats on the 68 NCAA tournament teams. You’ll get data on points per game, points against, strength of schedule, BPI and Kenpom Rank, seed and region for every tournament team.

2015 NCAA Tournament Game Combinations

This dataset has a single row for every possible Team/Opponent pairing in the NCAA tournament. Using my ranking system and expected points for each team you get a projection for every single game.

Stay tuned later this week for an additional tool that will allow you to plug in any two teams and get a score projection based on each teams’ scoring margin, strength of schedule, and winning percentage. Let me know in the comments if there’s anything else that you want for your bracket crunching needs.

2015 Individual Player Stats

Per game data on all Div 1 NCAA players with standard boxscore statistics. This can be easily translated into fantasy points if you’re playing in an NCAA tournament contest.

2015 NCAA Tournament Game Projections

Tool to analyze win probabilities and the projected score for any possible game in the NCAA tournament