By: Bryan Povlinski

Why Spreadsheet-Sports.com Exists

Spreadsheet-Sports.com was launched as a platform for my constant tinkering with sports data. In 2011 I started playing fantasy football for the first time. I would check the weekly rankings and projections, but I wanted to build my own custom tools. I started figuring out how to pull data from sites like ESPN.com and Pro-Football-Reference.com and get it into my own spreadsheets for analysis. I posted my first projections tool “The Ultimate Fantasy Football Spreadsheet” to my personal blog: www.bryanpovlinski.com in 2011. The spreadsheet didn’t always function like it should have, and there was a lot of maintenance on my end to keep it updated, but that sheet was downloaded by hundreds of users to give them an edge in their fantasy sports league. I’ve built a number of different tools since then as I’ve expanded into fantasy basketball spreadsheets, NBA trends, college basketball, and  anything else that seems interesting.

About Me

I’m Bryan Povlinski, and my day job is at ecommerce fulfillment company Fifth Gear as a Business Analytics Lead in Indianapolis. I’m a husband and a father – my son Luke was born in April 2012 and it’s been amazing watching him grow. I graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in 2009. After school I joined the 2 year Orr Fellowship program which pairs the best and brightest Indiana students with entrepreneurial companies in Indianapolis. I am a huge sports fan, and the teams I follow most closely are the North Carolina Tar Heels, Indiana Hoosiers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Indiana Pacers, and Indianapolis Colts.

Find What You’re Looking For

If you’re looking to get an edge on your fantasy league with a fantasy football spreadsheet template or you’d like a custom spreadsheet or dashboard built for your team or league – I’m your guy. You can find all of my freely available spreadsheets here, and you can find information to hire me to create a custom template here.

Email me with any questions at bryan@spreadsheet-sports.com. You can also connect with me on various social media.

  • DJ

    I purchased the NBA projection tool for Fanduel, and every time I make changes to the adjustment selection page (at the top), I get an error message when I run the solver. I then click debug, but it still doesn’t work.

    • spreadsheetsports

      The compile error happens when you don’t have the free plugin Solver installed. It’s covered in the User Guide here: https://www.spreadsheetsports.com/support/nfl-projection-tool-user-guide/

      You can also just follow the instructions from Microsoft here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/load-the-solver-add-in-HP010021570.aspx

      If you’re running Excel for Mac you shouldn’t have to worry about installing, but you will need to complete this extra step:

      1. Click on Tools > Hover over Macros and choose VBA Editor
      2. Then click on Tools again and choose References
      3. When the reference box opens up you want to make sure the box next to “Missing Solver.XLAM” is unchecked and “Solver” is checked.

      You may also want to shut down Excel completely and restart for the Solver installation to take effect. Let me know if you still run into issues.

  • DJ

    I’ve already installed the solver

    • spreadsheetsports

      Please email me the error message you’re seeing along with the version of Excel you’re running (bryan@spreadsheet-sports.com)

  • DJ

    When the solver pops up, I check “keep solver solution” and click ok. Then a pop-up says ” Run-time error ’53’:, File not found: Solver32.dll

    • spreadsheetsports

      Try shutting down Excel and reopening. Excel is not recognizing Solver as installed. That can happen if you have other sheets open already in Excel or you’ve just installed Solver for the first time.

  • DJ

    I’ve had the solver installed for over a month now.

  • any plans for an NHL lineup creator

    • spreadsheetsports

      Yes eventually. College Football and College Basketball would likely come first, but it’s possible we’ll have a tool for NHL next season.

  • Dre

    There is a new site for DFS called FanDay… would this work there also??

  • fred

    projection tool not update yet. still showing week 17

    • spreadsheetsports

      Correct – working on it this afternoon. It will be posted soon.

  • Al

    is there any way to use the tool without excel. I use google drive for all my spreadsheets now and do not have excel on my system any more? Loved the product last year

    • spreadsheetsports

      Unfortunately, no. It’s still Excel only for now. We’re looking into web-based options (possibly Excel online, and eventually a browser based tool) but those are not ready yet.

  • Mike Riggall

    Will this work on the Microsolf surface pro? I enabled the content and nothing happens when I click on anything…

    • spreadsheetsports

      It depends on what version of Excel you’re running. You need to be on the full version of Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013 – not the online version or trial version. It should ask you to Enable Data Connections and Enable Macros – choose Yes for both.

  • PJ

    Do you know if this will work on a mac if I purchase Microsoft Excel?

    • spreadsheetsports

      It will work on a Mac with Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011

  • Shawn Leonardi

    I’m interested in utilizing this for MLB and possibly NBA. Is it possible to pay for a one day/week NBA plan to check out all of the capabilities? I see the free projections but without the ability to may changes it is the same as any other projections I can get on the market.

    • spreadsheetsports

      We don’t have a free trial program (for a variety of reasons, but it didn’t go well when we tried it). The monthly plan for NBA for a single site is $9.99 so that’s your best bet to try it out.

  • Keerock

    There is a solver add-on to Google Sheets. Please let the developer know as this would likely increase your customer base if you were to port it… including me

    • spreadsheetsports

      Thanks for the tip. I’ve tried porting over what we currently have to Google Sheets and it just doesn’t handle large, complex spreadsheets very well. The solver plugin was also buggy and wasn’t able to work on what should have been a relatively simple problem. I’m going to experiment with it further, but I’m not sure that Google Sheets will be a viable solution for our product.

  • kkc1212

    Hey you should think about jumping into MMA/UFC projections, I know combat sports a little harder to project but its played pretty heavy on DK and there are UFC cards almost every week these days

    • spreadsheetsports

      It’s something I’ve though about, but I personally don’t follow MMA at all so it would be difficult to get into.

  • Javi

    When will I receive my free subscription after signing up for fanduel?

    • spreadsheetsports

      It typically takes 1-2 hours for FanDuel to notify us that you signed up a new account using our promo code. You’ll hear back shortly

  • Billy Feyersen

    Question – looking for a static site that posts nfl scores in tables, so I can link the google sheets import function to it. Would save me time entering in every week. Thx!

  • Gabriel Shehebar

    Anyone know how to use these tools on an ipad. I have excel for ipad I just don’t know how to download the tools tks.

    • spreadsheetsports

      You’ll be able to open and view the sheets on an iPad, but for full functionality you’ll need the full version of Excel on a laptop/desktop

  • Trey Kiernan

    Which day of the week does the new NFL Projection spreadsheet update?

    • spreadsheetsports

      Wednesday mornings

  • Connor

    When I try to run the NFL multi lineup otimizer it doesnt give me any lineups. It simply keeps running until a pop up comes up that says maximum time limit reached. Can you please help?

    • spreadsheetsports

      Can you let me know what version of Excel you’re using? That shouldn’t happen, but it could be something to do with the settings you’re using or the number of lineups you’re requesting. Can you try starting from a clean file (with no other files open in Excel) and requesting a low number of lineups to see if you get the same results. You can email me directly at bryan@spreadsheet-sports.com

  • Kevin

    I just downloaded the FanDuel file and the salaries are all wrong on your spreadsheet.

    • spreadsheetsports

      Which sport is this for? If it’s the NBA sheet – they just released updated salaries for Opening Night so you’ll need to click the Refresh Data to Today button to get it all updated. A final file will be uploaded prior to the first contests so that everything will be running smoothly once the season starts.

      • Kevin

        The NFL

  • Gillette Magcalas

    hi there i recently purchase the draftkings spread sheet but having problems using it.when i click optimal lineup it keep giving me this error ” Cannot find project or library. also do you have a video tutorial how to use it?

  • Nathan S Marek

    I am having problems with weather data in 2015 NFL Projection Tool Fanduel Week 8. Also, does the data update periodically throughout the rest of the week, once the tool is posted on Wednesday?

  • Mitch

    Where do your projections come from?

    • spreadsheetsports

      We generate our own projections using historical stats and game to game factors

      • Mitch

        Where do the stats come from?

        • Mitch

          Also … Are your projections free?

          • spreadsheetsports

            Box score stats that are publicly available on the web as well as a few other sources online for Vegas lines, injuries, etc. We do have a limited amount of free projections on our Projections page, but the customizable projections that can be updated in real-time are available through our Projection Tool products

  • Fabricio

    How do you lock players in this nba tool? Its way different from the football one. In the nba i dont see LOCK PLAYERS OR EXCLUDE PLAYERS options.

    • spreadsheetsports

      I will be adding a lock/exclude column shortly. For now you have to put the player name in the Lineup Guarantee column on the Player Adjustments tab

  • Alek AL

    I really like the DK tool so far, it’s been working out for me more often than not. The only issue is that sometimes a player’s projection is listed as 0.00 when they are playing that day and after refreshing. It happened with Stephen Curry before, and now it’s happening with Lebron James. Is there any fix for this?

    • spreadsheetsports

      If there’s a particular player that isn’t getting a projection because of a day-to-day injury (that you think will play) you can always include that Player in the Force Projection column of the Player Adjustments tab. The issue with Steph Curry was an error that was fixed, but make sure you download the latest version of the sheet with any bug fixes like that.

  • Just saying hey…stumbled on this site looking for some DFS analytics tool. Seems like you have a good thing going here. Good luck in the future! I’ll dig in a see how this can help me out.

  • Cory


    I subscribed, and I’m actually scraping your projections to combine with a bunch of others…having to download the excel throws a wrench in that process… is there any form of HTML table available for the entire list of projections (just not the top 100?)


    • spreadsheetsports

      Not posted free on the site. We limit those to the top 100, and you can get all projections if you subscribe to the Excel-based tool. I saw your email as well – will be getting back to you shortly.

  • m Lombardo

    Question: I purchased the silver. Looking to download the NBA spreadsheet and get started, is there a 24 hour wait for access? If so, can I download at that time? thanks

  • Robert Pacifico

    Hi Bryan, can you please tell me what version of excel works best with your software. I was going to purchase the 2016 but have been reading that there has been a few issues. So which year 2010,2013 ect

    • spreadsheetsports

      As of now 2013 works the best. 2016 works fine, but there’s an extra file you have to open first to get the Solver plugin set correctly. It takes an extra 10 seconds. Excel 2010 works fine as well.

  • Michael Smith

    Hello Bryan, I am struggling with your directions about installing the solver. I am following them correctly, but there are certain aspects that aren’t coming through clearly, can you please help?

  • BONES58

    so what do you do if you accidently deleted the spreadsheet file. now I have nothing in ex

  • mourad kattan

    in the demo i thought i saw fantasyaces compatibility – do you have any spreadsheets that work with that site?

    • spreadsheetsports

      We have FantasyAces in NFL tool. I’m working on instructions this week for how to add your own player pool data from FantasyAces into the basketball sheet so it should be available very soon there as well.

  • Jordan

    Hey man whats your phone im interested in bringing people to your site , just want to ask you about the spreadsheets!
    Very interested

  • Stephen Janus

    Could you make up one of these for fantasy football playoffs for this year? Looks like a great setup, I just can’t figure out how to modify it for what I need with only 10 teams

    • spreadsheetsports

      Not sure what you’re referring to? What sheet are you wanting to use for the playoffs?

  • Gabriel Radoccia-Feuerstein

    Hey man, I saw your final spreadsheets for the past few NCAA seasons, and was wondering if you were keeping a version that was updating throughout this current season. If not how were you able to collect this large amount of data for each individual game in a way that makes it easily into a spreadsheet. I am trying to use this type of data for ranking and rating methods but can’t seem to find a good source for such information that is deeper than just the score.

    • spreadsheetsports

      Yes, I plan to post the same data again this year. I’ve been a bit slow in making it available, but it should be up within the next week or so. Before the beginning of March. I’ve gotten this data from several different sources as it can sometimes change year to year. Two sites I’d recommend are http://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/ and http://masseyratings.com/

      • Miki Patterson

        I’m getting an error on the link to drop box to try to download the NCAA spreadsheet? Also, I did look at the sports reference site, but don’t see how to download any of the data? Thanks!

        • spreadsheetsports

          Can you let me know what link you clicked on? It should be available here: https://www.spreadsheetsports.com/2015-ncaa-basketball-game-data at the link on the bottom of the page (all years should be there). For Sports Reference – you’ll need to use their “Play Index”

          • Miki Patterson

            yes, that’s the link I used at bottom of page takes to https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pt08h91kszrdypj/n9QERQa20k that says can’t reach 🙁

          • spreadsheetsports

            Hmm – it looks like that link goes directly to the Dropbox page and then you can click on the 2017 file and click on the top right … and choose download

          • Miki Patterson

            maybe work is blocking, i’ll keep playing with or try at home – thanks for your help and this great site, will let you know!

          • Miki Patterson

            I was able to get – thanks so much! 🙂

          • Noah Baron

            Thanks for posting this data. Quick question: are you going to update the data for the more recent games? The spreadsheet only goes through February 18th.

          • spreadsheetsports

            Yes, I’ll be updating after the games are completed on Sunday