2018 NCAA Tournament Data

By: Bryan Povlinski on March 12, 2018

The 2018 NCAA tournament starts this week, and it’s time to get your bracket picks submitted. To help you make the smartest choices possible I’ve put together a robust set of resources that allow you to analyze this season’s data in Excel format. The tools I’ve included are: 2018-NCAA-Tournament-Bracket This is simply the standard PDF bracket that you can find on any of the major media sites in Excel format. You can track winners as the tournament unfolds. 2018 NCAA Game Results Data The full definition of the dataset is provided on the page above. You’ll get the final score… Read More »

2017 NCAA Tournament Game Projections

By: Bryan Povlinski on March 14, 2017

As you fill out your bracket for the 2016 NCAA tournament you might get stuck on a few games that you can’t decide on or that seem like virtual toss-ups. Enter the 2016 NCAA Tournament Game Projection Tool. This visualization is designed to help you analyze a particular matchup and see a projected score and the probability the team you’ve selected will win. Here’s how to use the tool: 1. Select the team you’re interested in analyzing in the Selected Team box. 2. If you’re interested in projected scores against any other NCAA tournament team jump down to the Opponent… Read More »

Friday GPP Outlook MLB: FanDuel & DraftKings

By: Keith Hall on August 14, 2015

So here we go with another huge Friday in DFS.  It’s going to be a crazy weekend with a lot of money out there to be won.  The great thing about this weekend is I believe it’s a great weekend to take advantage of the absence of some of the bigger players in the industry.  What do I mean by that?  Well both DraftKings and Fantasy Aces are having live finals this weekend.  Next weekend is FanDuel’s live final.  Players tend to spend all day on that one contest and one lineup.  Most of them don’t put that lineup into… Read More »

Becoming an Ace

By: Keith Hall on August 11, 2015

Every pitcher goes through it in their career.  That time when they are no longer considered a prospect and move into a solid rotation spot.  I remember these times for a lot of young pitchers.  Some end up running with the opportunity given to them, others can quite live up to the talent that they are projected to have.  In the dog days of 2007 I watched two young pitchers for my Colorado Rockies takes these steps.  Their names? Ubaldo Jimenez and Franklin Morales.  Both of them I had the pleasure of watching in person as they came up through… Read More »

Daily Research Outline

By: Keith Hall on August 10, 2015

On Friday’s video breakdown of how to incorporate the research tool with our projections model, I told you that I would give you an outline of basically how much research routine is broken up gone through for a day.  Someday’s it doesn’t take long because there aren’t as many games and things are pretty straight forward.  Others it takes what seems like forever.  I feel it is important to have a routine and write it down so you don’t miss steps and start to take short cuts.  Also, when you start to get into a slump, you can go back… Read More »

Tournament Friday MLB: FanDuel & DraftKings

By: Keith Hall on August 7, 2015

Here we are again.  Another Friday where we are going to be looking to take advantage of players that nobody will be on and make some money.  Today, we are going to focus on players I feel will be lower owned players in good spots.  If you would like a game by game breakdown, then please watch the video below. When it gets this late into the season, I feel that it is best to dig just a little deeper than normal to find those lower owned players in good matchups that we can use in our tournament lineups to… Read More »

Combining the New & Old

By: Keith Hall on August 7, 2015

Through out the last month of the the MLB season, Bryan and I have worked to bring you an advanced statistical dashboard that we can use to look deeper into the numbers to determine who we want to target in our lineups.  Over the last day or so, it has been great to see a lot of the feedback that we have received.  One of the best parts about bringing you the analysis that I do, is the feedback that I get.  Positive or Negative, it’s important to know what you are thinking so that I am able to bring… Read More »

Trade Deadline Wrap-up!

By: Keith Hall on August 4, 2015

FINALLY!!! We have all heard that baseball players are creatures of habit.  Everyone handles things differently.  Some players handle trade rumors good, others not so well.  Some stress over the uncertainty of not knowing who they are going to be playing for in the upcoming days and years.  This year’s trade deadline did not disappoint us at all! We had a number of blockbuster trades happen and now we get to analyze how these players will fit in with their new teams for the purpose of DFS.  There are players that are going to get a boost, while others will… Read More »

The “Billy Beane” Approach MLB: FanDuel & DraftKings

By: Keith Hall on July 28, 2015

I am a baseball nut.  Hardcore, in my blood, bleed purple and silver.  I have been playing since I was 3 years old.  I still play now at 30.  There are a group of guys that I play with that are of the same mold as myself.  For us, we live and die by the every waking moves our teams make.  There aren’t a lot people like us in Oklahoma.  What makes it even better is we are all “fans” of different teams.  Not the casual type either, but the type that bleed our team colors.  For years now, being… Read More »

Defining Your Style

By: Keith Hall on July 27, 2015

There are many types of players in the DFS industry.  Figuring out what type you are isn’t always easy.  Or cheap.  The bad part about it is that when you are watching any MLB game, you see the advertising.  What those commercials are selling is the idea and possibility of turning a small amount of money, into a five figure payday.  This is the dream all of us have.  Making a lot of money playing DFS.  Let’s be realistic though, even though it can happen, the likely of it happening are very slim.  There is nothing wrong with still chasing… Read More »

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