CFB Thursday Throwdown: Week 2

By: Keith Hall on September 10, 2015

There aren’t a lot of things that we can count on in DFS.  Specially when it comes to building CFB lineups.  We are banking on 18-21 year old kids to perform to the level that we have heard they are capable of.  Last week had us looking at a game that was cancelled, multiple games that were delayed due to weather, and one that was eventually cancelled late in the game.  Luckily, we know that this isn’t something that we will be dealing with every week, and if you were hurt by any of these, then all you can do is chalk it up and attack this week.

This week’s primetime schedule gives us a mixture of projected close high scoring games and blowouts.  There will still be a ton of unanswered questions going forward, but at least we get to find see some good teams facing off against eachother.  There are a couple games that I feel you need to have some exposure to because of the projected Vegas totals and spreads.  Oregon and Michigan State is a dream matchup for any CFB fan, but it holds a lot of key players that are worth taking a deeper look at.  Sure, we can load up on players from UCLA, USC, and Nebraska and hope it stays close until just after half-time so our players get as much time on the field as possible, but without mixing in some of the play makers in the close games, you might end up scoring all your points early and hoping nothing major happens.

QB: Nate Sudfeld

Kevin Wilson and the Indiana Hoosiers get to take on a Florida International team that allowed over 400 yards passing to Dane Evans last week.  This should be one of the higher scoring games of the evening and a game I will be turning to in order to get exposure to players that will be playing all four quarters.  Cody Kessler is the top overall play on this slate, but he will be lucky to take a snap mid-way through the third quarter.  With Indiana only seven point favorites, pairing Sudfeld with Ricky Jones could prove to be extremely profitable.

RB: Leonard Fournette

With LSU’s game getting canceled last weekend, we are getting our first look at Les Miles’ Tigers this season.  Playing against Mississippi State will drive lead RB Leonard Fournette’s ownership percentage extremely low.  This is a total GPP play largely in part that he rushed for 38 yards on seven carries last year.  It took about six weeks before they figured out that they need to get him carries.  Fournette rushed for 1034 yards and 10 touchdowns last year.  He’s a great price around the industry and a fantastic pivot off of Paul Perkins and Tre Madden in tournaments.

WR: JuJu Smith, Jordan Payton, Jordan Westerkamp

The WR position for the night games are extremely top heavy.  I am going to be doing everything I possibly can to fit my top three WR’s in my lineups.  JuJu Smith, Jordan Payton, and Jordan Westerkamp all have dream match ups this week.  The problem is that UCLA, USC, and Nebraska all are over 25 point favorites.  There is a lot of merit in fading all three as they will probably be the highest owned receivers on the night.  If that’s the way you choose to go, you are going to need to get solid production out of these positions in order to make up for the possibility of these three putting up great games.  What you would have going for you is lower owned players that could end up playing all four quarters.  Starters will be pulled early in the second half if everything goes well for these three and that means they need to get their points early and often.

Good Luck to everyone this weekend.  My tip of the day is this, make sure to utilize your time wisely as you watch football on Saturday, remember there is also football on Sunday.  Get some extra reading in or play around with combinations of lineups with players you might like.

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