DraftKings Review & Promo Code

By: Bryan Povlinski

DraftKings Review

draftkingsDraftKings, in my humble opinion, is the gold standard for weekly money league sites. Over the last 24 months, DraftKings has made the biggest push to be the top best daily fantasy site. They have taken significant steps to improve their standing in the weekly fantasy sports space. They offer a site that is easy to use and navigate as well as large payouts. As a matter of fact, they plan on shelling out $200 million in guaranteed payouts in 2016.

DraftKings has a wide array of games in all the major sports (NFL, MLB, and NBA) as well as a nice selection of hockey, golf, and college sports as well. There are many different buy-in levels, ranging from free-rolls to over $1,000 so there is certainly a contest to suit your fancy. They typically offer an end of the year competition that pays $1 million to the winner and this year is no exception. There is a qualifier running that will send 50 of the top players over the course of the season to play in a finale event. This event will take place at a resort in the Bahamas on an all-expenses paid trip. I know, sounds pretty awesome.

If you are looking for a site that is easy to use, DraftKings is for you. Not only is the interface easy to navigate, it offers easy to read tabs and simple instructions. What’s more, they offer beginner contests for people new to the site. You can compete in up to 50 of these competitions in each sport before they are no longer available to you. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the site while raking in some winnings.

DraftKings has a large number of users and a lot of weekly traffic during the NFL season. This traffic does slow a bit when football unfortunately comes to a close but with the aforementioned variety of sports offered, there is year round action to be found. As you continue to participate on their site, they reward you with Frequent Player Points that can be redeemed for entries into other contests.

DraftKings Overview

DraftKings gives its users a simple to use website with many contests and good payouts. NFL is their premier game but many other sports are represented as well. They have varying levels of entry fees ranging from less than a dollar to over $1000. With the wide range of contests and prizes there is definitely a game to be found for every player, from the novice to the grizzled veteran.

DraftKings Signup

Signup is a very simple process with DraftKings. Simply click the link and you are directed to a page with a few basic fields to fill out. Once you have entered your information and confirmed you are in a state where it is legal to play (more on this later), you will be drafting a team in a matter of minutes.

DraftKings Promo Code

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DraftKings has a simple and secure process to add funds to your account. Simply click the link and you will be taken to their cashier screen. Here you will be able to add funds via your PayPal account or a major credit card. Once you are finished, the funds (minus any bonus money) will be instantly available for play.

Contest Selection

As I’ve already stated, there is a veritable smorgasbord of contests. You can select different contest types (Guaranteed, Multipliers, 50/50, etc.) to narrow down the selections to your preferred type. You can then sort the lobby by number of entries, total prizes, and entry fee. The entire lobby is laid out in a way that is very easy to navigate and read so you won’t be overwhelmed by the number of choices.

Drafting Teams

Drafting a team is an easy and enjoyable process using DraftKings well laid out application. New this year is the ability to view players by individual games and depth charts. They have also added opposing defenses ranks to better help with your player selection. Another nice feature is the availability of player updates via RotoWire right on the draft board. This great draft process is one of my favorite features of DraftKings.


Scoring on DraftKings is pretty similar to other competitors’ sites. They employ a PPR system and award bonuses when players reach certain yardage totals. As I always recommend, make sure to swing by the contest rules page to familiarize yourself with scoring prior to drafting your first team.


Withdrawing money, just like depositing, is quick and simple. You can withdraw via PayPal or request a check the old fashioned way. Just visit the cashier link and follow the cues and you will have your cash in a matter of days.

Website User Experience

I know I have already said it, but DraftKings is my site of choice for weekly fantasy. There is just so many things that they get right, it’s easy to overlook their flaws. The interface throughout is very easy to read and navigate. I am partial to a darker screen which may lead me to feel this way. Each screen is easily sortable, so you aren’t overwhelmed with information. One great feature of DraftKings is their referral program. You will not only receive a bonus for each friend that signs up and makes a deposit, but you will continue to earn DK dollars as your referrals continue to play. I did mention flaws and even though they are few, they are present. Well, maybe not so much flaws as noticeable omissions. For instance, while there is a wide variety of contests, they are mainly all the same game. There isn’t the option to play in a Survivor format or season long contests like what is offered on other sites. Of course, there is some merit to the thought process of doing one thing and doing it well. And DraftKings does do the weekly game very well.

Website Design

I’m sure you are probably tired of hearing me go on and on about how great the design of DraftKings is but it is very true. Every screen is very easy to navigate and laid out in a manner that is easy to use. The pages aren’t too busy with information either, which makes reading screens and drafting players much easier.

Mobile App

To my knowledge, DraftKings doesn’t offer a mobile app. They do offer a mobile site that is almost as easy to use as the full site. As you can imagine, when you try to cram all the contests in the lobby into a handheld screen it gets a little overwhelming. It can be slightly difficult to find the contest you are searching for. Other than that, drafting and monitoring your lineups on mobile is a breeze.


Should you have any issues with DraftKings, they are usually pretty good about resolving your issues. As they do have a large user base, sometimes your requests for information can take a couple of days before you receive a response. You will likely not have to resolve too many issues, though, as DraftKings is really a great site to use.


Simply stated, as with all other weekly sites, yes. DraftKings falls in the category of a “game of skill” and is legal to play as long as your particular state allows it. This classification separates them from gambling sites and is therefore allowed under federal law.

Rewards Program

In addition to the great bonuses offered for referring friends, DraftKings has a pretty decent rewards program as well. They reward you with Frequent Player Points (FPP) which you can redeem for various prizes. FPP are accrued each time you pay an entry fee into a contest. You will not receive FPP for playing in free contests, however. Prizes in the FPP store change frequently, so be sure to check often for the offer you are seeking.