Fantasy Basketball Analytics Spreadsheet

By: Bryan Povlinski on November 14, 2012

At its core, the game of fantasy basketball is all about the numbers and how you manipulate them. It’s very different from fantasy football in the sense that you have time throughout the week to tweak your strategy and improve your chances to win rather than setting your lineup on Sunday and hoping things go your way as the games play out. In fantasy football every player plays the same number of games that week. You are simply trying to outscore the other team in total points. The parameters are simple and your goal is to maximize the number of fantasy points your team can score.

In fantasy basketball teams play a different number of games each week. Sometimes a bench player can be more valuable to you in a given week than a star player because that bench player plays 2 more games in the week which gives him 2 more opportunities to accumulate stats. Depending on the format you play, the parameters are typically more complex than just scoring the highest number of points. You may need to win the most categories, and in that case the best strategy might be to build your team to intentionally lose 1 or 2 categories if the players you have give you such strong advantages in enough categories to win. You can also make decisions throughout the week as your matchup is playing out. You might notice midweek that it’s going to be very important for you to win steals in order to get a win for the week. If that’s your situation then you might look to pick up a player that has a high steals rate (even if they’re not the best player available).

The Fantasy Basketball Analytics Spreadsheet is designed to help make all of these decisions easier. To use a copy yourself, open the spreadsheet in your Google Drive account and click File > Make a Copy. Now the spreadsheet is yours to do whatever you please with. Here are the tools that you can use to help you win your league (each of these tools can be found on different tabs of the spreadsheet):

Need Categories

This sheet is designed to rank players based on their expected production in each category in the upcoming week. To change the category that the sheet is sorted on simply change the value¬†under “Sort by” to the ¬†stat you’re interested in.

The expected values here are based on the players per game averages so far this season multiplied by the number of games he is scheduled to play that week.

Weekly Best

The sheet is designed to let you look at the current week (if you’re looking to make midweek adjustments) or to look ahead to next week to get your lineup set ahead of time. To change the week simple change the value next to “Week to Use” in the dropdown menu. If you’d like to look at future weeks you can change the value in “Today” to a date within the week you’d like to see.

Filter Averages

Sometimes you just want to compare certain players or see who is available on teams that are playing today/tomorrow. You can use the “Filter Averages” sheet to filter on any category and see how each of the players perform on a per game basis. Say you need steals going into the last day of your matchup. You know the Spurs, Lakers, Timberwolves, and Jazz are the only teams playing. You can filter on those teams and get a list of all the possible players to see which player gives you the best chance at getting the most steals for one game.

If there’s additional functionality you’d like to see or if you run into problems let me know in the comments. Good luck!