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By: Bryan Povlinski

Sports data can be frustrating. We want to make sports analytics easy. What easier way than to put everything into a spreadsheet? As tech geeks often say – “Data wants to be free.” We think that’s true of sports data as well. Thanks to sites like: Sports Reference,,, there is an enormous amount of valuable freely available data online. Spreadsheet Sports does not produce or maintain most of the data available here. We simply provide sports spreadsheet templates that extract data into a format that’s accessible and easy to use. This page will be continually updated as we finish building all of our templates. If you have any ideas for new sports spreadsheets, or if there are any problems with the tools linked here please contact us.

For a basic guide on how you can download sports data from the web into your own spreadsheets check out:
How to Download Your Own Sports Spreadsheets

For an overview of each spreadsheet and how to use it, check out the main page for the sport you’re interested in. If you’re not sure what the NBA Trends Database is about click through to NBA Spreadsheets and you’ll see a brief overview.

NBA Spreadsheets

NBA Trends Database

NBA Projected Playoff Teams

NBA Game Winners

NBA Team Streaks and Trend Ratings

Fantasy Sports Spreadsheets


Daily Fantasy NBA Projections – Fanduel

Daily Fantasy NBA Projections – DraftStreet, DraftKings, StarStreet, FantasyFeud, Fan Throwdown, DraftDay, Stat Clash

Fantasy Basketball Analytics

2013-2014 Fantasy NBA Draft Spreadsheet

Daily Fantasy Basketball – Opponent Defensive Matchup Adjustment

Fantasy Basketball Schedule Analyzer


Fantasy Football Draft Spreadsheet

NCAA Basketball Spreadsheets

2015 NCAA Tournament Resources

NCAA Game Results Data

NCAA Power Rankings