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By: Bryan Povlinski

Sports data can be frustrating. We want to make sports analytics easy. What easier way than to put everything into a spreadsheet? As tech geeks often say – “Data wants to be free.” We think that’s true of sports data as well. Thanks to sites like: Sports Reference,,, there is an enormous amount of valuable freely available data online. Spreadsheet Sports does not produce or maintain most of the data available here. We simply provide sports spreadsheet templates that extract data into a format that’s accessible and easy to use. This page will be continually updated as we finish building all of our templates. If you have any ideas for new sports spreadsheets, or if there are any problems with the tools linked here please contact us.

For a basic guide on how you can download sports data from the web into your own spreadsheets check out:
How to Download Your Own Sports Spreadsheets

For an overview of each spreadsheet and how to use it, check out the main page for the sport you’re interested in. If you’re not sure what the NBA Trends Database is about click through to NBA Spreadsheets and you’ll see a brief overview.

NBA Spreadsheets

NBA Trends Database

NBA Projected Playoff Teams

NBA Game Winners

NBA Team Streaks and Trend Ratings

Fantasy Sports Spreadsheets


Daily Fantasy NBA Projections – Fanduel

Daily Fantasy NBA Projections – DraftStreet, DraftKings, StarStreet, FantasyFeud, Fan Throwdown, DraftDay, Stat Clash

Fantasy Basketball Analytics

2013-2014 Fantasy NBA Draft Spreadsheet

Daily Fantasy Basketball – Opponent Defensive Matchup Adjustment

Fantasy Basketball Schedule Analyzer


Fantasy Football Draft Spreadsheet

NCAA Basketball Spreadsheets

2015 NCAA Tournament Resources

NCAA Game Results Data

NCAA Power Rankings


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    Hi, I need a spreadsheet that basically shows all NFL teams depth charts so that I can see everything on a legal size sheet or two sheets.  i want to be able to cross off players as they are picked.  so that during the draft i can see what is available quickly. i’ve tried to track other teams but just not easy as sometimes i can’t even hear who was picked.  12 team league in a garage and no online system  all manual.  i might get one of those distance hearing aids so that i can hear the picks in the garage since i sit outside in the driveway. dont ask.  do you have such a spreadsheet?  if so please send to   Thanks Tom

  • dyrttima

    Here goes. I need a spreadsheet for darts. They play baseball and cricket.

  • dyrttima

    oops sorry, if you have such a thing please please sent to :     thank you  Di

  • Tim MacLellan

    Not sure when or how I will be contacted with my free subscription to the module. Does anyone know when this will be provided?

  • Christopher Aaron Gray

    I just refreshed the spreadsheet to start working on getting my lu’s for today. But it isn’t showing all the teams. Only about half of the teams are showing in today’s projections. Is it something that I’m doing, or is this on your end?

    • spreadsheetsports

      It’s likely some kind of configuration on your computer that may need to be changed. Take a look at the tab labeled Excel Troubleshooting Guide and there’s an entire section in there with some things to try if the Refresh process is not working correctly. Let me know if that helps or specifically what error you’re seeing. You can email me directly at

  • BONES58

    is it possible to look at schedule on future days and not just the current day of games. for example if I don’t like the games for this Thursday can I look at the Friday slate only

    • spreadsheetsports

      No, because FanDuel and DraftKings often don’t post the full player pool until the night before. We typically update our tool each night around midnight for the next day’s games.

  • Christopher Fisher


    Thank you for making these databases available. They are very helpful resources. The 2015 NCAA game data includes a variable separating division 1 and non-division games, but this is not included in the corresponding 2016 data. Would you be able to include that variable in the 2016 data (provided that it is a simple fix)? Its helpful for parsing through the data that are relevant for the tournament.

    • spreadsheetsports

      I’ll see if I can get it added. I had to change data sources this year and that field is not readily available. It’s probably something I can derive, but I don’t have it set up to do that quite yet. Hopefully by tourney time it will be ready.

      • Christopher Fisher

        Thanks. Much appreciated. I tried writing a script that called division 1 teams from the 2015 data to create the division indicator variable. Unfortunately, almost half of the division 1 teams have a different naming convention in 2016 dataset. Alternatively, if your new source has the conference for each team (which is something I also need), I can easily create a division 1 indicator variable (and share if that’s not easy for you to create).

        • spreadsheetsports

          Can you take a look at the file now and see if the Game Type looks right? I found a source for all of the conferences so I have those as well. I’ll add those along with all the data I’ve typically released for the tournament.

          • Christopher Fisher

            I’m probably revealing my ignorance here (I’m more of a modeler than a sports fan). I noticed row 192 indicates that the match between Seton Hill and Duquesne is non-division 1, but they appear to be division 1 teams. Is that correct?

          • spreadsheetsports

            I think that one is right. I’ve never heard of them before, but apparently there’s a Seton Hill University that’s different than Seton Hall (which is D1).

          • Christopher Fisher

            My bad. Well, everything else looks good as far as I can tell. Thanks again!

  • Shawn Maness

    any Sample MLB CSV’s in there? Need one

  • Christopher Fisher

    Hi Bryan. Thank you for making the NCAA Basketball game results available. I was wondering if you will be updating the 2017 spreadsheet before the tournament begins?

    • spreadsheetsports

      Yes – I’ll plan on updating it this weekend

      • Noah Baron

        When will it be available?

        • spreadsheetsports

          Sunday after last conference championship

      • Gary Traynor

        FYI – the link for “Tournament Teams” downloads the individual player data.

        • spreadsheetsports

          Thanks – this should be fixed now

  • Christopher Fisher

    Hello Bryan. I want to let you know that last Sunday’s data appears to be missing.