By: Bryan Povlinski

NBA Trends Database

Identify trends in the NBA such as how often the Lakers win when Kobe Bryant takes over 25 shots or what the Spurs winning percentage is when Tim Duncan gets a double double.

Fantasy Basketball Analytics

Tools to help you win your fantasy league that analyze each teams’ scheduled games for a given week and each players’ per game averages

2012 Consensus NBA Mock Draft

This NBA Draft tool pulls data from 14 different mock drafts from across the web (ESPN, CBSSports, FoxSports, and more). See the lowest, highest, most likely, and average position for all potential first round draft picks. Filter by pick, player, or team and see all of the possible scenarios that the mock drafts have created.

2012 NBA Finals Aggregate Stats

See the 2 simple, clear-cut statistical advantages the Heat had over the Thunder that allowed Lebron and company to claim their first title together.

2013-2014 Fantasy NBA Draft Prep Spreadsheet

Auction values, overvalued and undervalued players, projected stats, and more

Fantasy Basketball – Last 5 Games Lookup Tool

Identify scoring trends for each player that you can exploit in your fantasy matchups

Daily Fantasy Basketball – Opponent Defensive Matchup Adjustment

See how difficult of a matchup each player is up against each night

Daily Fantasy NBA Projections

Full projections for all daily players including real-time injury updates