Pacers Success Heavily Dependent on Roy Hibbert

By: Bryan Povlinski on November 21, 2012

As I noted in my previous post on the Indiana Pacers, the season has not gotten off to a very good start due in large part to the absence of Danny Granger. Another major contributing factor has been the subpar play of their new 50 million dollar big man Roy Hibbert. Let’s compare Roy’s stats this season to his previous seasons.

Hibbert improved on both his scoring and rebounding in every season until this year. The Pacers had every reason to expect that he would continue improving. He’s only 26 and there’s not many players in the NBA that can match Hibbert’s sheer size and power. However, he appears to have taken a step back so far this year. Consider the won-loss splits for the Pacers based on his current stats. To perform this kind of analysis check out my NBA Trends Database.

It seems like all the Pacers need is average production from Hibbert to hold their spot as a toQWp tier team in the Eastern Conference.

 Pacers Record When TruePacers Record When False
Hibbert scores at least 10 points4-11-6
Hibbert grabs at least 10 rebounds4-01-7

If Hibbert can step up his game and win his battle with opposing centers there’s a good chance the Pacers can turn around their season.