Projection Tools

By: Bryan Povlinski

  • Natalie

    Can the tool be tailored not to include over the max amount of players form the same team

    • spreadsheetsports

      No – there’s nothing in place to prevent it from selecting more than 4 players from a given team. Adding in that logic slows the tool down considerably because it has to check through every single team before it finds a lineup and since that rarely occurs it’s not worth slowing it down. The best way to handle that is to exclude the player you like the least (or with the lowest projection/value) from the team that has too many players and then run it again.

  • Wolfy

    When will MLB spreadsheet be released for the 2015 season?

    • spreadsheetsports

      Very soon – shooting for this Thursday (3/26)

  • Jay

    I am trying to purchase the sheets for a month but it will not let me pay via paypal.