NBA Fantasy Basketball Projection Tool

By: Bryan Povlinski

Daily fantasy basketball is a complex game with many moving parts that can change by the minute as news breaks. On the other hand, it’s probably the most predictable of the major sports because most players have relatively defined roles on their team so the proportion of points, rebounds, and assists are fairly consistent from game to game. It’s simple to find information out there on which defenses are strong against point guards, who the backup might be in case of an injury, and how many points Vegas thinks a team will score. The difficult part is trying to bring all of that information together in one place and using that data to mathematically build your lineups to score the most expected fantasy points as possible. That’s exactly what you can do with the NBA Projection Tool.

The Spreadsheet-Sports NBA Projection Tool is the ultimate resource for setting your daily fantasy basketball lineups. With this tool you can:

For a more in-depth guide on how to change different settings to get the best use out of the tool see the User Guide.

When you purchase the tool you’ll get access to a downloadable spreadsheet that can be refreshed each day with the latest stats for the current day’s games. New sheets get uploaded each week with additional features and bug fixes.  When you use the NBA Projection Tool you’ll be able to:

View and customize projections for each player by using adjustments and applying filters to the player pool



Input minute adjustments or individual projection changes for each player



Let the tool crunch the numbers to find the best possible lineup using your custom projections


Generate as many lineups as you’d like with exposure limits on individual players and a visualization of how your lineups are constructed



Pricing is listed below and you’ll return to the login page (where you’ll be once you click “Buy Now”) to receive any updates from the tool throughout the season.

NBA Projection Tool Pricing

NBA Projection Tool Pricing