NFL Fantasy Football Projection Tool

By: Bryan Povlinski

The NFL Projection Tool is designed to be the ultimate resource to help you set your daily fantasy football lineups on sites like FanDuel, DraftKings, Fantasy Feud, DraftDay, Yahoo, FantasyHub, StarsDraft and more! The biggest advantage you get by using the tool is that all the historical data and relevant stats are integrated into a single Excel worksheet. You can find a lot of great fantasy football information (rankings, picks, projections, etc.) on other sites around the web, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a tool that brings everything together and allows you to pick and choose what stats gets used in your personal projections. Once your projections are set, the spreadsheet will generate an optimal lineup to be used on the daily fantasy site of your choice that abides by the site-specific salary and roster requirements. You can also use the tool to generate as many unique lineups as you’d like.

If you’re interested in making money playing daily fantasy football it’s going to be difficult if your strategy is to create lineups purely off of “feel” without taking any kind of numbers into account. Yours odds of success can improve significantly if you establish a consistent research methodology. Sure you can win a few head-to-heads or maybe even a big tournament just by picking players on a whim, but in the long run you’re probably going to be losing money to the guys who put in the time and effort to thoroughly research their lineups. The NFL Projection Tool from Spreadsheet-Sports gives you access to the same type of data that the best daily fantasy players are using. The best part though, is that you don’t need to spend hours per day compiling the data and getting it into the format you need. We’ve done all the hard work of combining multiple data sources and using the most relevant stats to make projections. We’ve also back-tested the various factors and adjustments to see how things like home vs. away or the rank of an opposing defense affects fantasy points.

The NFL Projection Tool comes with 3 separate components: the Projection Tool, Multi-Lineup Optimizer, and Lineup Generator. Here’s what you can do with each tool.

Customize your own Projections with the NFL Projection Tool

Here’s a basic rundown of what you’ll have access to inside the Projection Tool:

To better understand the methodology we use in creating the projections and all of the controls you have at your disposal you can take a look at our NFL Projection Tool User Guide.

You can also load your own projections from an any other source and edit individual players where you think the projection needs to change.

Find the Best Possible Lineups with the Multi-Lineup Optimizer

Our fantasy football projection tool not only enables you to fully customize the most critical features when calculating projections, but also gives you the ability to quickly find the best possible lineups using your projections on the fantasy site you’re playing on. This functionality is highly powerful and runs thousands of computations in a matter of seconds. You’ll be able to:



Generate ALL Possible Lineups from a Limited Pool of Players with the Lineup Generator

Often times when you’re building an NFL lineup you have a handful of players you’re considering and you start playing around with all of the different combinations of those players to find 1 or 2 lineups that you really like. The Lineup Generator makes this process infinitely faster and more robust because it can generate ALL of the possible combinations for the pool of players you select (up to 90,000 based on the limited number of players you can consider at each position). Lineups that are over the cap get discarded and you’re left with a ranked list of the best possible lineups from your pool of players.



See the NFL Projection Tool in Action

*Additional videos for the Lineup Optimizer and Lineup Generator*

The NFL Projection Tool supports DraftKings, FanDuel, Fantasy Feud, DraftDay, Yahoo, FantasyHub, and StarsDraft.  Other daily fantasy sites may be added throughout the season as requested.

When you purchase you’ll gain access to the subscription-only part of this page. You’ll see the link to download the Microsoft Excel file and each Wednesday a new file will be made available for the current week’s games.

NFL Projection Tool Pricing

NFL Projection Tool Pricing