NBA Fantasy Basketball Projections

By: Bryan Povlinski

Date Sunday 4/10

All Players | PG | SG | SF | PF | C
RankPlayerPositionSalaryProjected Fantasy PointsProjected ValueValue Impact
1James HardenSG10,80053.094.92261.20
2Nikola VucevicC7,60050.766.68339.08
3John WallPG9,00047.15.23246.33
4Stephen CurryPG10,20045.84.49205.64
5Hassan WhitesideC8,70045.785.26240.80
6Giannis AntetokounmpoSF10,00045.764.58209.58
7Paul GeorgeSF8,60043.965.11224.64
8Cole AldrichC4,10043.0510.5452.03
9Chris PaulPG9,10042.534.67198.62
10Kemba WalkerPG8,30042.235.09214.95
11Kawhi LeonardSF8,00042.095.26221.39
12Carmelo AnthonySF7,90041.935.31222.65
13Victor OladipoSG6,80041.396.09252.07
14Draymond GreenPF8,40038.774.62179.12
15Gordon HaywardSF6,90037.715.47206.27
16Robert CovingtonSF6,60036.695.56204.00
17LaMarcus AldridgePF7,80036.654.7172.26
18DeMar DeRozanSG7,40036.594.94180.75
19Kyle LowryPG7,10036.215.1184.67
20Dwyane WadeSG6,50035.885.52198.06
21Nicolas BatumSG7,00035.815.12183.35
22DeAndre JordanC7,20035.64.94175.86
23Norman PowellSG4,20035.268.4296.18
24Markieff MorrisPF5,70034.716.09211.38
25Goran DragicPG6,90034.655.02173.94
26Rodney HoodSG5,20034.16.56223.70
27Thomas RobinsonPF6,00033.85.63190.29
28Elfrid PaytonPG5,60033.565.99201.02
29Marcin GortatC5,90033.325.65188.26
30Khris MiddletonSG6,40033.315.21173.55
31Klay ThompsonSG6,30032.745.2170.25
32David WestPF4,00032.138.03258.00
33Jonas ValanciunasC5,10031.856.24198.74
34Dwight HowardC6,00030.925.15159.24
35Jabari ParkerPF6,20030.634.94151.31
36Brad BealSG6,30030.54.84147.62
37Monta EllisSG5,60030.335.42164.39
38Julius RandlePF5,90030.225.12154.73
39Nerlens NoelPF6,00029.754.96147.56
40Greg MonroeC5,40029.515.46161.12
41Rashad VaughnSG3,40029.58.68256.06
42Ramon SessionsPG4,20029.176.95202.73
43Luol DengSF5,90029.024.92142.78
44Tim DuncanC4,10028.977.07204.82
45Derrick FavorsPF6,50028.664.41126.39
46Trevor ArizaSF5,80028.224.86137.15
47Jamal CrawfordSG5,00027.955.59156.24
48Jordan ClarksonPG5,20027.855.36149.28
49Evan FournierSG4,70027.775.91164.12
50Louis WilliamsSG4,00027.56.88189.20
51Jusuf NurkicC4,00027.386.85187.55
52Jose Juan BareaPG6,80027.284.01109.39
53Ian MahinmiC4,50027.256.05164.86
54Jeff GreenSF3,90027.036.93187.32
55Andre MillerPG3,10026.718.62230.24
56Jeremy LinPG4,30026.476.16163.06
57D'Angelo RussellPG5,10026.265.15135.24
58Ishmael SmithPG6,20025.894.18108.22
59Otto PorterSF5,20025.534.91125.35
60Rudy GobertC5,30025.484.81122.56
61Blake GriffinPF6,80025.443.7495.15
62Marvin WilliamsPF5,10025.424.98126.59
63Andrew NicholsonPF3,80025.236.64167.53
64Nikola JokicC5,00025.215.04127.06
65Justin AndersonSF3,900256.41160.25
66Al JeffersonC4,50024.925.54138.06
67Jerami GrantSF4,60024.835.4134.08
68Emmanuel MudiayPG5,00024.764.95122.56
69Shane LarkinPG4,40024.755.63139.34
70Shelvin MackPG5,20023.874.59109.56
71Cory JosephPG3,60023.576.55154.38
72Harrison BarnesSF4,50023.545.23123.11
73Sasha VujacicSG3,50023.536.72158.12
74Courtney LeeSG3,90023.476.02141.29
75Dirk NowitzkiPF6,10023.333.8389.35
76Patrick BeverleyPG4,90023.114.72109.08
77Nik StauskasSG3,90023.095.92136.69
78Tyler EnnisPG3,70022.756.15139.91
79Arron AfflaloSG3,40022.76.68151.64
80Kyle AndersonSF3,10022.637.3165.20
81Robin LopezC6,00022.513.7584.41
82Wesley MatthewsSG4,90022.324.55101.56
83Will BartonSG4,60021.764.73102.92
84Wesley JohnsonSF3,20021.756.8147.90
85Gary HarrisSG4,00021.725.43117.94
86Joe JohnsonSF4,40021.714.93107.03
87Nene HilarioPF3,70021.555.82125.42
88Josh RichardsonSG4,00021.395.35114.44
89Myles TurnerPF4,00021.35.32113.32
90Patrick PattersonPF3,90021.145.42114.58
91Clint CapelaPF3,60020.95.81121.43
92Cody ZellerC3,90020.85.33110.86
93Larry Nance Jr.PF3,00020.656.88142.07
94Derrick WilliamsSF4,60020.644.4992.67
95Jerian GrantPG4,10020.575.02103.26
96Henry SimsC3,60020.535.7117.02
97Frank KaminskyC3,50020.475.85119.75
98C.J. MilesSF3,40020.446.01122.84
99Bismack BiyomboC3,40020.335.98121.57
100George HillPG4,10020.024.8897.70
RankPlayerPositionSalaryProjected DraftKings PointsProjected Value
1John WallPG9,00047.15.23
2Stephen CurryPG10,20045.84.49
3Chris PaulPG9,10042.534.67
4Kemba WalkerPG8,30042.235.09
5Kyle LowryPG7,10036.215.1
6Goran DragicPG6,90034.655.02
7Elfrid PaytonPG5,60033.565.99
8Ramon SessionsPG4,20029.176.95
9Jordan ClarksonPG5,20027.855.36
10Jose Juan BareaPG6,80027.284.01
11Andre MillerPG3,10026.718.62
12Jeremy LinPG4,30026.476.16
13D'Angelo RussellPG5,10026.265.15
14Ishmael SmithPG6,20025.894.18
15Emmanuel MudiayPG5,00024.764.95
16Shane LarkinPG4,40024.755.63
17Shelvin MackPG5,20023.874.59
18Cory JosephPG3,60023.576.55
19Patrick BeverleyPG4,90023.114.72
RankPlayerPositionSalaryProjected DraftKings PointsProjected Value
1James HardenSG10,80053.094.92
2Victor OladipoSG6,80041.396.09
3DeMar DeRozanSG7,40036.594.94
4Dwyane WadeSG6,50035.885.52
5Nicolas BatumSG7,00035.815.12
6Norman PowellSG4,20035.268.4
7Rodney HoodSG5,20034.16.56
8Khris MiddletonSG6,40033.315.21
9Klay ThompsonSG6,30032.745.2
10Brad BealSG6,30030.54.84
11Monta EllisSG5,60030.335.42
12Rashad VaughnSG3,40029.58.68
13Jamal CrawfordSG5,00027.955.59
14Evan FournierSG4,70027.775.91
15Louis WilliamsSG4,00027.56.88
16Sasha VujacicSG3,50023.536.72
17Courtney LeeSG3,90023.476.02
18Nik StauskasSG3,90023.095.92
19Arron AfflaloSG3,40022.76.68
RankPlayerPositionSalaryProjected DraftKings PointsProjected Value
1Giannis AntetokounmpoSF10,00045.764.58
2Paul GeorgeSF8,60043.965.11
3Kawhi LeonardSF8,00042.095.26
4Carmelo AnthonySF7,90041.935.31
5Gordon HaywardSF6,90037.715.47
6Robert CovingtonSF6,60036.695.56
7Luol DengSF5,90029.024.92
8Trevor ArizaSF5,80028.224.86
9Jeff GreenSF3,90027.036.93
10Otto PorterSF5,20025.534.91
11Justin AndersonSF3,900256.41
12Jerami GrantSF4,60024.835.4
13Harrison BarnesSF4,50023.545.23
14Kyle AndersonSF3,10022.637.3
15Wesley JohnsonSF3,20021.756.8
16Joe JohnsonSF4,40021.714.93
17Derrick WilliamsSF4,60020.644.49
18C.J. MilesSF3,40020.446.01
19Justise WinslowSF3,60018.045.01
RankPlayerPositionSalaryProjected DraftKings PointsProjected Value
1Draymond GreenPF8,40038.774.62
2LaMarcus AldridgePF7,80036.654.7
3Markieff MorrisPF5,70034.716.09
4Thomas RobinsonPF6,00033.85.63
5David WestPF4,00032.138.03
6Jabari ParkerPF6,20030.634.94
7Julius RandlePF5,90030.225.12
8Nerlens NoelPF6,00029.754.96
9Derrick FavorsPF6,50028.664.41
10Blake GriffinPF6,80025.443.74
11Marvin WilliamsPF5,10025.424.98
12Andrew NicholsonPF3,80025.236.64
13Dirk NowitzkiPF6,10023.333.83
14Nene HilarioPF3,70021.555.82
15Myles TurnerPF4,00021.35.32
16Patrick PattersonPF3,90021.145.42
17Clint CapelaPF3,60020.95.81
18Larry Nance Jr.PF3,00020.656.88
19Jason SmithPF3,10018.976.12
RankPlayerPositionSalaryProjected DraftKings PointsProjected Value
1Nikola VucevicC7,60050.766.68
2Hassan WhitesideC8,70045.785.26
3Cole AldrichC4,10043.0510.5
4DeAndre JordanC7,20035.64.94
5Marcin GortatC5,90033.325.65
6Jonas ValanciunasC5,10031.856.24
7Dwight HowardC6,00030.925.15
8Greg MonroeC5,40029.515.46
9Tim DuncanC4,10028.977.07
10Jusuf NurkicC4,00027.386.85
11Ian MahinmiC4,50027.256.05
12Rudy GobertC5,30025.484.81
13Nikola JokicC5,00025.215.04
14Al JeffersonC4,50024.925.54
15Robin LopezC6,00022.513.75
16Cody ZellerC3,90020.85.33
17Henry SimsC3,60020.535.7
18Frank KaminskyC3,50020.475.85
19Bismack BiyomboC3,40020.335.98
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  • DCousD1

    Where is today’s spreadsheet?  1/22/2014

  • DCousD1

  • AgentSmith7

    I’ve checked a few times to see if I was just blind, but it looks like Isaiah Thomas is missing from the PG projections.

  • AgentSmith7  Good find. It looks like there was an issue this morning with a filter being applied when it shouldn’t have been. That caused a few players to be left out when the model ran through it’s final sorting. It’s been fixed now. Thanks for letting me know!

  • AgentSmith7

    See him now…Thanks!!

  • barmalei

    I was checking out your projections for the last few days, and I must say – although the timeline is rather short – I am very impressed. I consider myself a DFS beginner, but it’s not hard to see that you regularly beat a lot of respected “experts”. Thanks for doing this, sir, and I knock on wood as I type.

  • jrb13850

    Will the projections be updated for 2/1/14?

  • Everything should be updated now

  • jrb13850

    Do you create projections for any other DFS sites, such as draft street?

  • AgentSmith7

    sheetsports  I hate to be a bother again, but it looks like Tony Parker is missing his projection.

  • AgentSmith7 sheetsports  This one is actually by design. I’ve been using a new source for injury list and anyone that appears on the injury list gets zeroed out because you don’t want to get stuck with someone in your lineup that doesn’t play. I may need to tweak it though because Parker is listed as Probable so he likely deserves a projection.

  • jrb13850  Yes. You can get the full set of projections and an optimal lineup from the premium tool or you can get just the projections that i provide to DFS Edge here:

  • DCousD1

    Where  are the Premium Projections for today (2/7/2014)?

  • DCousD1  You can subscribe to the premium tool here:

  • graesonbp

    are the custom projections $20/day?

  • graesonbp  The projections here on this page are free. For the Custom Projection Tool that lets you make adjustments and use factors like Opponent, Betting Line, and Betting Total – plus generate an optimal lineup: it’s a one-time fee of $20. Then you have access to the daily sheets for the rest of the season

  • bravesboy

    no courtney lee today?

  • bravesboy  Good catch. I had an issue with an update to a tool that I was using that changed the way it sorted data. So it showing traded guys like Courtney Lee and Rudy Gay on their original teams. It’s fixed now and they should be included.

  • tytonenterprises

    Question –
    First off I have to say I love what you have put together. it is much appreciated and a great beginners tool. I was wondering if you could put together a spreadsheet that is updated with each players FPP points from the nightly box score. This would be used as a historical analytic tool and trend analysis. Let me know if this could be put together or if you already have such a spreadsheet. 

  • tytonenterprises  I do have a tool that looks at the historical points scored each night. The way it’s set up is that it just provides the difference between Actual Fantasy Points and Projected Fantasy Points each day: I’m working on some additional visualizations and tools so let me know if there is something specific that you’d like to see.

  • graesonbp

    Hello. Lebron is probable today… Can you plug him in?

  • graesonbp  Just remove him from the Not Playing List

  • Joe S.

    No Thursday update for the projections?

  • tony

    what time does this usually get updated during the day? If it’s too late in the afternoon and I have to be at work, I just wasted money on this website

    • spreadsheetsports

      The paid version gets updated every morning by 11am at the latest. The free projections get updated at the same time usually, but they’re not always updated.

  • Sam

    I have the paid version. When will we see the projected points for Thursday’s games?

    • spreadsheetsports

      On Thursday – the sheet is set up to look at the current date

  • Argenis Bautista

    My PG slot is giving me a #N/A and for the total also anyone have any idea why?

    • spreadsheetsports

      This is likely because you don’t have the Solver plugin fully installed and enabled. If you check out the tab in the sheet labeled Excel Troubleshooting Guide it should have all of the instructions there. Let me know if it’s still not working for you.

      • Argenis Bautista tht working…now im having trouble getting the multi lineup optimizer to works. Seems like a very good tool if i can get everything to work properly

        • spreadsheetsports

          Make sure the file names are the exact same as when you downloaded them from the website. There is a full explanation in the Excel Troubleshooting Guide to get it working correctly. Let me know if that helps.

          • Argenis Bautista

            yeah same name

          • spreadsheetsports

            Send me an email with the screenshot of the error you’re getting and I’ll take a look:

  • Cornelius Kidwell

    Will lineups be updated daily on this site?

  • robert prater

    i’m just getting started and i’m not really sure how to use this site.

  • robert prater

    and what is the solver and how does it work ?

  • robert prater

    wow. i got 127 points on my first time using spreadsheet sports.what a ripoff.smh

    • spreadsheetsports

      As I’ve mentioned through our conversations, the Projection Tool is a framework, and not a magic bullet that’s going to create perfect lineups night after night at the press of a button. The tool is meant to be as customizable as possible so if you’re not getting the results you want then you should be able to make adjustments or upload your own custom projections that you’re confident in. Also, one contest is a pretty small sample size from which to judge anything so I’d suggest giving it a bit of time.

  • James Palmer

    Any good recommendations on fantasy sports? I’ve been checking out this TSN fantasy sports service that works with the CFL:

    Those who don’t follow the CFL might get some good information here:

    I think Yahoo has actually done a pretty good job with updates.