NFL Dashboards

By: Bryan Povlinski

The NFL Dashboards are designed to give you access into the most granular level of detail on the NFL: play-by-play data. The problem with play-by-play data is that it’s very difficult to make sense out of in raw form. It’s simply a list of plays and text about what happened on that play. We’ve structured the data into a more usable form where we can start to do analysis and see what’s really happening in specific situations across different teams and different weeks.

First Time Here?  I would recommend clicking on the Title of a dashboard that you’re interested in and reading the explanation on how to use it. It’s not always intuitive what each element of the dashboard is the first time you look at it so reading the description will give you a much better feel for how to use filters and get to the insight you’re looking for

Full Dashboard View If you know what you’re looking for I would recommend clicking on the image of each dashboard so that it opens as a full page in a separate tab where you have full control to filter and interact with the data.


Fantasy Football Player Dashboards

 Fantasy Opportunity                            Weekly Comparables                     Red Zone Targets  
fantasy_opportunity weekly_comparables


Goal Line Carries                               Individual Play Breakdown                % of Plays Gaining at Least x Yards



General NFL Dashboards

Matchup Effectiveness                   Opponent Yardage Breakdown               Team Offensive Play Success

matchup_success opponent_yardage_breakdown team_off_success_rate

Opponent Points Against Rank