By: Bryan Povlinski

Our users win and win big. Users in 2015 have used our tools to win in excess of $100,000. Our tools give you the ability to fully customize your projections and create lineups to help you win more. Take your daily fantasy game to the next level and start using Spreadsheet Sports today.

$40,000 Won using Spreadsheet Sports!

Love the spreadsheet tool! Was struggling to be consistent this last NBA season until I found Spreadsheet Sports Projection Tool! With the help of this I’ve not only become more consistent, but I qualified for the FanDuel WFBBC in Miami, Florida! When I got down there taking on some of the biggest players in DFS, with the help of what these tools do for you I took 4th place and walked away with 40k! It’s added an element I only dreamed was possible! It’s now apart of my daily routine and research! Thanks Again for all the hard work!

– BoomersDaddy! Keith Hall

Increased FanDuel Balance Tenfold!

I use the NBA spreadsheets religiously when setting lineups. The system serves as a great foundation, and it’s easy to make small tweaks in projections to establish an optimal team. The first year I used SpreadSheet sports, my FanDuel balance increased tenfold!

– Spencer L., Rotoworld

$11,200 Total Return in One Weekend!

I know most of the time you probably get negative feedback or people complaining about bugs, etc…
I just wanted to shoot you an e-mail and say THANK YOU!

To be honest, since the tool came out, I had been running it as a secondary strategy tool, using my own research to play DFS and just using your solver to pick out spots I might be overlooking. Well, over the past week, I started to notice after the fact that, “Hey, some of those guys the Solver was suggesting actually came through pretty solidly.” So this weekend, I decided to just go with the Solver selections for Sat afternoon and Sunday.
Weekend Recap:
55 contests
$727 in entry fees
$11,208.63 – total return!

(Big scores being $8,000 in the Sunday Mini-Monster and $2,000 in the Strikeout)

Just wanted to give your hard work some validation and ask that you please keep up the good work!
Any more additions and added functions/research will only help make the tool that much better. Hopefully everyone will have the same success I have had.

(And I hope my good fortune continues…)

Keep me updated if I can help with any further development.

– Bob from Indianapolis

Great Tool, Early Success

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for a great tool for Daily Fantasy Baseball. I don’t have a huge data pool to pull from but I purchased the sheet on Friday evening and entered a total of 7 contests over the weekend on Fan Duel using the Solver and very little input from myself, just deciding what teams to stack and I went 5-7 on the weekend. One of the losses came in a low stakes GPP and the other was in a H2H match up, yesterday so no big deal can’t win them all and a profitable weekend is always awesome.

Anyways I just wanted to take some time to thank you and tell you I was pleased with the tool so far over the weekend and plan to use it daily to make lineups and as a part of my research.

– Phil Kerns

Love the Flexibility

Hey Bryan,

My name is Tom Galland and I purchased your daily fantasy NBA tool earlier this season after running across your site. Really love the flexibility it offers and look forward to a MLB version.

– Tom Galland

Helped My Research

Hey Bryan, I’ve recently started using your Custom Projection tool for Daily NBA and its really helped me with my research, great job man.

– Chris Galligan